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Competitive matches, flexible scheduling, and great fun!

The Ladder League was formed to provide a fun and competitive play avenue for players to play some great matches and meet some great people along the way!

The League allows players to simply login to their ladder accounts, send a ladder challenge, play the match, and report the scores all from your player dashboard.

The regular season is concluded by a playoff season and a finals championship where all players will be invited out to watch and cheer on the finalists! The winners of the season will receive trophies!

league format

League Format

past champions



Start of regular season: 8/5/24

End of regular season: 10/26/24

First week of playoffs: 10/28/24 – 11/3/24

Last week of playoffs: 11/18/24 – 11/24/24

Finals day: Saturday, Dec 7th @ 1 pm



The ladder is a "points based ladder." You earn points by completing a match, winning a set, and winning the match. You also can earn bonus points if you win the match in straight sets. A full point breakdown is below.


Play a match – 0.5 points

Win a set (or game for p-ball) – 1 point

Win the match – 2 points

Win in straight sets (or games for p-ball) – 0.5 bonus points


This format rewards player activity while also still rewarding players who win matches. There is also extra motivation to either win the match convincingly in straight sets (to get the bonus ½ point) or to keep fighting to win a set since that will also give you a point (even if you lose the match).


Example 1: If player A beats player B (6-2, 2-6, 10-8) player A would receive 3.5 points (0.5 for playing a match, 1 point for winning a set, and 2 points for winning the match). Player B would receive 1.5 points (0.5 points for playing a match and 1 point for winning a set in the match).


Example 2: If player A beats player B (7-5, 6-4) player A would receive 4 points (0.5 for playing a match, 1 point for winning a set, 2 points for winning the match, and a bonus ½ point for winning in straight sets). Player B would receive 0.5 points for playing a match and being active on the ladder.


Tennis scoring: Matches are best 2 of 3 sets, with a 10 point tiebreaker in played in lieu of a full 3rd. If you finish early, you are welcome to keep playing for fun!

Pickleball scoring: Matches are best 2 out of 3 games to 11, win by 2. If you finish early, you are welcome to keep playing for fun





The higher seed gets to choose the home court. You can choose whatever court you like, assuming the court is safe and located in the Tampa area. With that said, if there is a long distance between the players, we do encourage players to maybe pick a location that is halfway to make the driving distance manageable. The lower seed brings the balls.


Players can challenge anyone on the ladder, but you cannot play the same person back-to-back.


Players can issue challenges by clicking the “issue challenge” button directly to a player or you can use the “propose a match” option which allows you to list a time that works for you. Other players will be able to see this and accept your match if that time works for them. It is recommended though to contact at least a few people at a time with your availability. You can access other player’s contact information under the “member list” within the tennis rungs software.


Once you complete the match, you will login to your Tennis Rungs account, navigate to your challenge match, and report the score. Once you do this, the ladder rankings will update automatically.


Nobody should ever no show or cancel on short notice. If someone no shows or cancels with short notice the match should be rescheduled for another time as soon as possible. We understand life happens but with that said, canceling or no showing on people could result in the removal from the ladder, per the league’s discretion.



The top 50% of the ladder at the end of the regular season will be entered into a single elimination playoff draw (up to 16 players max). 



The winner and runner-up of each ladder will be awarded trophies.




Players are expected to be respectful towards the other players in the league. This is a competitive league, but we should also be having fun out there and not treating others disrespectfully. Players are also expected to call the lines fairly and report score accurately. Failing to do so could result in removal from the league or other league penalties, per the leagues discretion.


All entry fees are non-refundable.


All players that sign up during the early registration period (June 30th or prior) are eligible for the prize raffle drawing. 2 players will be randomly selected and awarded 1 item from Tennis Plaza. The item cannot exceed $250.

The entry fee is $50 for the 12-week season + playoffs (this does not include whatever court fees you would have to pay at the facility you play at) These entry fees go towards the trophies for the playoffs, website hosting fees, ladder software fees, etc.

The ladder is open to players 16 years and older

Spring 2023

Copy of  Logo (4).png

singles Champion 
Chase O'malley

singles Runner-up

Andrew Rasmussen

Copy of  Logo (4).png

Doubles A Champion 

Doubles A Runner-up

Ladder Photo 1.jpg
Ladder Photo 7.jpg

Doubles A Champion 

Doubles A Runner-up

summer season 22

Doubles A Champions 

Doubles A runner-ups

Doubles B Champion 

Doubles B Runner-up

fall season (21-22)

Copy of  Logo (4).png

ladder a Doubles Champions 
Clark Benassi/Gary Downing

Ladder b champion
Robert King/Alfredo pereira

unnamed (2).jpg

ladder B Doubles Champions
Marvin Ho/Linda Bacon

Ladder b runner-up
Elizabeth Somers/Bob upshaw

Spring season (20-21)

singles Champion 
mark palus

Doubles A runner-ups
andrew rasmussen

Doubles B Champion 
Brian Esposito/Chip Orr

Doubles B Runner-upBob upshaw/elizabeth Somers

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